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Hi, I'm Kyle! I'm a front-end web developer based out of Toronto with a creative mind and a keen eye for detail. A musician at heart, my first experience with coding was customizing MySpace layouts to make my first band's profile stand out from the crowd.

After years of touring, writing, producing, and engineering music, I decided to marry my creativity and my incessant need to build aesthetically appealing and efficient content in a new way: I joined HackerYou and have been dreaming in semantically written code ever since.

I strongly believe in being a student forever, and I'm excited at all there is yet to learn, but if you scroll down and check out some of my work, you'll see some things I've built with the skills and knowledge I've gained thus far.





A guitar-tuning web app catered to guitarists that play in less common tunings. This app allows the user to tune to the pitch of the highlighted string and choose between 6 or 7 string guitars and multiple tunings.

JavaScript / jQuery / HTML / CSS / Sass / Responsive.

react & firebase

flex fitness

Need help planning a workout routine? This app allows users to log in, create their own custom workout routines, and keep a comprehensive history of reps, sets, and weights of each exercise.

React / Firebase / Authorization / React Router / Sass / Responsive

api & jquery

Dialect Ditty

Ever wonder what your favorite song would look like if it was written by Shakespeare? This app allows the user to search for an artist or song and translates it into a variety of different dialects, including pirate and valley girl.

API / jQuery / Git Collaboration / Sass.

PSD Conversion


Single page PSD conversion using flexbox. Fully responsive across all devices with pixel-perfect accuracy. Design provided by HackerYou designer Melissa Carter.

HTML / CSS / Sass / Responsive